Financial Training

What you’ll learn
Master Technical Day Trading indicators like MACD, BB, VIX etc
This Course will help you focus only on profitable trades
Master How to Enter or Exit a Day Trade
A Complete Do-it-yourself Day trading Strategy
Learn Day Formation for Day Trading
Become an Expert at Day Trading
This Course will teach you how to trade different markets

“Introduction to Day Trading
Promotion Video to Day Trading
Introduction to Day Trading

“Day Trading Meaning
What does Day Trading means?
Do You Have The Stomach To Day Trade?
Market Makers
Fundamental vs Technical Analysis

“Tools for Day Trading
What is MACD?
Understanding MACD
What is BB?
Understanding BB

“Day Trading Strategy
How to Enter the Trade?
How to Exit the Trade?
Risk Control And Management

“Secret of Day Trading
BlueChip stocks
Trading Context in Intraday
Day Formation
Introduction to Charts

“Stock Day Trading Discussion

“Gold Day Trading
LONG PUTS For Maximum Leverage

“ETF Day Trading Discussion

“Stock Day Trading Discussion 2

“Forex Day Trading Basics
What is Forex Day Trading?
Forex Trading Details
Lot Sizes and PiPs

+Forex Day Trading Plan Discussion
USDJPY 30M Trading – Risk Management
USDJPY 5M Day Trading

+What is Short Selling?
What is Short Selling?
Short Sale Metrics
Sources of short interest data

+Tools for Day Trading
What is Fibonacci Retracement?
Fibonacci Retracement in Detail
Demo Account
Support, Resistance & Trendlines

+Bonus Lecture