Financial Training

What you’ll learn
-Basics of Forex markets
-How to use indicators the correct way
-How to drastically minimize your risk
Kickstart your journey to becoming a Forex trader
-How to become a successful Forex trader

Introduction (About Me) 

“Introduction to Forex Trading
What is Forex Trading? 
Introduction to the Forex Markets 
Advantages and Features of Trading the Forex Market 
Basics You Need to Know As a Forex Trader 
Reading Charts and Candlesticks 
Types of Currency Pairs 
Currency Correlations 
Types of Trade Entries 
Types of Trade Exits 

“Introduction to Technical Analysis
What is Technical Analysis? 
Types of Indicators 
Introduction to Moving Averages 

“Trading Platform

“Commonly Used Indicators: SMA , EMA and Support & Resistance
Trading with 100 SMA 
Trading with 20 SMA 
Case Studies (100 SMA and 20SMA Application) 
How to Use Support and Resistance the Right Way 
Trading with 5EMA + Case Study 

“Breakout Confirmation Trading System
Introduction to Trading Breakouts with Confirmation 
Case Studies 

“Introduction to Risk Management
What is Risk Management? 
Introduction to Position Sizing and Lot Size Calculation 
Crafting An Effective Risk Management Plan 
Concept of Drawdown 
Concept of Leverage 
Concept of Margin 

“Trading Styles and Types
4 Types of Traders 

“Fundamental Analysis
Introduction and Major Economic Events 
Monitoring Economic Events

“Building a Sustainable Trading Business
Crafting an Effective Trading Plan 
Crafting an Effective Trading Journal 

+Introduction to Brokers
Types of Brokers 

+Trading Psychology
Introduction to Trading Psychology 
2 Types of Traders that You Should Avoid Becoming 
3 Ways to Manage Emotions in Trading 
Kickstart Your Trading Journey 
Action Plan + Conclusion